Shadow Zone Shadows (SZS) was performed on the the 5th June *02012 - a seismic sound performance collaboration between Ryan McGee and D.V. Rogers.

Recording of Shadow Zone Shadows (Duration 7.25)

Using audio spatialization software developed by Ryan McGee the SZS performance spatially mapped to 10 chanels of sound (+ 1 Sub Woofer) though the Allosphere sound system the principal of the seismic shadow zone. SZS conceptually performed how seismic waves radiate spherically from the earthquake's hypocenter, but are not detected by seismometers between 104 degrees and 140 degrees from the focus of the earthquake.

SZS Performance scipted in custom C++ by Ryan McGee. Performance sequence as follows;
1. Walk In Allopshere CHCH M6.1 X138 (Breathing - Ostes)
2. All Events @ X2205 x 2 with 31ET Markers Only (1/2sec) NO Sub 65HZ Sub!
3. X138 Breathing 30 Seconds
4. All Events with 65hz Sub + 31ET Markers X276, X1103, X551
5. 31ET Markers Only with Sub 65 HZ from Co-Ordinate Points.
6. CHCH 61 X138 Sub - Infinate Finish
31 Equal Temprament Markers are the note E3 Octave (42Hz). Info about 31ET here >>

The SZS sound performance used miniSEED data collected via IRIS the vertical component (Z) of seismometers collected from 31 seismic events (M9.1 to M5.5) recorded this 21st Century only. What is miniSEED data? -

MiniSEED data of all 31 seismic events plus listing of events used for SZS sound performance can be found at;

MP3 files of all seismic events at X276, X551, X1102 and X2205 can be downloaded as zip file from; (11.2mb)